Associate Degree Program (ADP)

The Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad has approved the launch of 2-year Associate Degree Program to be offered by the Public & Private Universities/Degree Awarding Institutions. The Associate degree is designed to help prepare professionals in disciplines of immediate application and relevance to the market. It is equivalent to a Bachelor (Pass) degree.
Guidelines for Associate Degree Program :
* Admission requirement for Associate Degree shall be Intermediate/12-year schooling or equivalent.
* It shall be awarded upon completing 65-68 credit hours in a four semesters/two years program.
* The degree shall be considered as equal to 14-year Bachelor (Pass) degree.
* The degree shall not be offered to students enrolled for BS program.
* Students enrolled for Associate Degree Program (ADP) may undertake BS program seeking admission in 5th semester of the program if allowed by the College/University.

ADP Information Technology (IT)