Rules & Regulations

All the students are required to comply with the rules notified by the college. Breach of the following instructions shall render the defaulter liable to strict disciplinary action.

  • Students should show due respect to teaching and other staff.
  • Students may approach to the principal individually; joint submission of applications is strictly prohibited.
  • The principal may penalize any student if he/she violates any rule.
  • If a student is found involved in undesirable activities he may be expelled from the college on disciplinary grounds.
  • All applications to the principal for character certificates and other will be submitted through the Administrator.
  • Class attendance rules must strictly be observed. A student must have a minimum of 80% attendance in the session.
  • Every student is issued identity card to be carried regularly within college hours otherwise disciplinary action may be taken. If card is lost, the student will be issued a duplicate card for Rs. 100.
  • Besides pictorial board, the principal has constituted a Discipline Committee to deal with the law and order situation within the college premises; this committee investigates into the disciplinary affairs and puts the cases before the principal for suitable action.
  • Fine & penalties shall be imposed by the disciplinary committee for all kinds of irregularities.
  • Migration facility will be as per University/HEC rules.
  • The principal’s decision shall be considered as final in all cases, and he/she can relax any rule, if deems necessary.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed.
  • Fee once deposited is not refunded
  • All the students are directed to deposit dues before the notified date otherwise fine will be imposed.
  • The educational progress of a student depends upon continuity in instructed work. So the parents /guardians are requested to co-operate with the college and see that their sons/daughters do not miss the classes. They should ensure that the students come to the college in time.
  • The students are not allowed any leave except during the term for which medical certificate must be produced.
  • The parents /guardians who wish to obtain special leave for their sons/daughters during the term must apply in writing to the principal well in advance. Special leave during the term, however, is not granted, except in an emergency.
  • Students are required to ensure proper dressing.