About Us

Sitara, in line with its policy of diversification and to serve the nation in variety of ways, has taken many positive initiatives by establishing different educational institutes. Ali Fatimah College of Science & Management (AFC-SM) is one of those institutes which are affiliated with renowned & well reputed GC University Faisalabad.

Today’s organizational environment is remarkably different from the one in the past. The days of structure and entrepreneur have given way to combination of best of breed concepts. This has hard-pressed the organizations to adopt a more complicated hierarchy. These organizations face global competition, changes in information technology, diversity, and quality service issues. The college is characterized by state of the art information technology, total quality management practices and organizational training. Therefore, the workforce required to meet the challenging needs and different types of training and curriculum. Modern organizations expect from the graduates to develop traits like critical thinking, analytical skills, positive attitude and effective communication and AFC-SM is the only institute which comes up to such high expectations.