ADP Information Technology (IT)

The Department of Computer Sciences of Ali Fatimah College of Science & Management is one of the most prominent and advanced center of computer education in Faisalabad city.

AFC-SM is equipped with state of the art computer lab with latest computer machines. The lab is accessible to all students and teachers of computer science department and others are linked through the state of art wireless network environment for retrieving information. Campus is centrally connected with WI- FI devices for facilitation to all.

ADP Information Technology (IT)

is an offered program in which AFC-SM provides excellent computing facilities and ensures the enhancement of practical knowledge of students by facilitating them to learning. AFC-SM is also ensuring that the students take maximum advantage of the modern computer technology to solve a wide range of complex scientific, technological and social problems.

They study of  (ADP Information Technology (IT)) compresses how to build computer systems (computer architecture), how to make machines think (artificial intelligence), how to build computers that can see (computer vision), how to design software that works seamlessly from different locations (computer networks and distributed systems), how to model complex problems (modelling and simulation) and how to design more efficient computing algorithms (theory of computation).