MBA (Executive)

Ali Fatimah College is committed to provide quality education to business graduates through inculcating them the conceptual knowledge energized with practical applications; utilizing the latest equipment and infrastructure with excelled and trained faculty and is striving hard to transform them into competent professionals trimmed fine enough in catering to the innate demands of diversified industries and contributing their significant role in the development and prosperity of the society as well as country.

The MBA Executive programme is designed for mid-career managers and entrepreneurs who are keen to take on greater challenges and make an impact on the productivity of their organizations. These individuals can leverage their rich work experience through a world-class management education programme in the form Executive MBA.

The weekend programme has been structured to enable busy managers to acquire management education while fulfilling regular professional responsibilities.

The courses in MBA Executive have been carefully selected to provide both depth and breadth of a rigorous, world class management programme. While starting with the fundamentals of each functional area, the courses quickly step up to advanced levels in order to maximize learning of a group of highly experienced managers. This helps participants develop an understanding at the operational and strategic levels in each business area.