Scheme of Study

ADP Business Administration

Semester 1
Course Code Title Credit Hrs Nature
ENG-321 Functional English 3(3-0) Compulsory
PST-321 Pakistan Studies 2(2-0) Compulsory
CSI-321 Introduction to Computing Applications 3(2-1) Compulsory
BMS-304 Financial Accounting 3(3-0) Foundation
BMS -303 Introduction to Business 3(3-0) Foundation
BMS-410 Principles of Management 3(3-0) Major
                Total 17  
Semester 2
ENG-322 English Comprehension and Composition 3(3-0) Compulsory
ISL-321 Islamic Studies 2(2-0) Compulsory
MTH-321 Mathematics-I 3(3-0) Compulsory
BMS-406 Fundamentals of Marketing 3(3-0) Foundation
BMS-654 E-Commerce 3(3-0) Foundation
BMS-506 Human Resource Management 3(3-0) Major
  Total                                                                                      17  
Semester 3
BMS-402 Communication Skills 3(3-0) Compulsory
BMS-401 Strategic Management 3(3-0) Major
ECO-301 Principles of Micro Economics 3(3-0) Major
BMS-403 Advance Accounting 3(3-0) Major
BMS-553 Global/International Business 3(3-0) Major
BMS- Elective-I 3(3-0) Elective
  Total                                                                                                 18  
Semester 4
BMS-407 Cost Accounting 3(3-0) Major
ECO-302 Principles of Macro Economics 3(3-0) Major
BMS-408 Business Finance 3(3-0) Major
BMS-552 Entrepreneurship 3(3-0) Major
BMS-431 Project 3(3-0) Major
BMS- Elective-II 3(3-0) Elective
  Total                                                                                               18
Course Code Title of the course


Credit Hrs Course Code Title of the course


Credit Hrs
BMS-504 Consumer Behavior 3(3-0) BMS-653 Management Information System 3(3-0)
BMS-579 Sales Management 3(3-0) BMS-705 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 3(3-0)